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to the best independents.

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Personalized discovery
with easy ways to search.

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A catalog that

creates dialogue.

Apple Podcasts is home to the largest and most talked-about collection of shows across all subjects. From globally recognized names to the most authentic independents, this is a place where every voice matters.
And that says it all.


With personalized recommendations based on what you already listen to, you’ll come across more shows in sync with your tastes than ever before.

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Beyond hearing millions of free shows, you can also support many of your favorite podcasters with subscriptions.1 Bonus episodes, ad‑free listening, early access to new shows, and easy access to the archives are a few examples of the premium content subscriptions can unlock.

Hey Siri, play

my podcasts.

Wow in the World.

the news.

Go ahead, put your feet up — Siri can access everything on Apple Podcasts, so just ask your favorite personal assistant to put on whatever you want to hear.

Stories that go everywhere.

All your Apple devices come ready to play every podcast on the app — so whether you’re driving or jogging or cooking, you can keep the conversation going. You can even download shows to your Apple Podcasts library and listen offline.






Apple Watch

Apple TV


  • Apple Podcasts is the best app for finding, following, and listening to millions of the world’s most popular podcasts. And you can easily discover new shows through expert curation and personalized recommendations.

  • The Apple Podcasts app is already installed on all your favorite Apple devices — including Apple TV, Apple Watch, and CarPlay. You can also listen in iTunes on Windows or with an Alexa‑enabled speaker.

  • Apple Podcasts offers millions of shows completely free. And some publishers offer premium shows, episodes, and channels that can be purchased through a monthly or annual subscription.

  • Of course. You can share your Apple Podcasts subscriptions with the whole family.ライオン LION Ban 汗ブロックロールオン プレミアムラベル 男性用 マイルドソープの香り 40ml

  • Yes. You can download any podcast episode and listen to it offline. New episodes from shows you follow will be automatically downloaded. And you can find all your downloaded episodes in your library in the Downloaded section.

  • You sure can. If you want to create your own show and publish it on Apple Podcasts, check out the resources available at

  • Your iTunes podcast library is now available on Apple Podcasts. All the shows you follow and the stations you’ve created are available on Apple Podcasts on Apple TV, Mac, iPhone, and iPad and from iTunes on Windows.

Working with Apple Podcasts.

Stay up to date on the latest news, features, and best practices that help you create your own podcast.

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